• Eyal I posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Hi Seth,

    First, I would like to thank you for accepting my invitation to connect!

    I came across the article in the NYT, and wanted to ask you a few questions, and get your advice for several topics relating to trading, and what you would best recommend. For example, I wanted to know, such as:

    • Who your broker was, and who you would today recommend, especially now with the large brokers offering commission free trading (but with trading fees for options). I trade mostly with Robinhood, but they don’t seem ideal for day/swing trading in terms of execution speed, options, strategies, products, etc.
    • Which products did you mostly trade – ETFs, stocks, derivatives, futures, currencies, etc.?

    I look forward to your response!


    • Hi Eyal,

      I can only offer advice to our subscribers, your basic membership does not allow me to advice but you are more than welcome to participate and use our informational articles for your data gathering and fact finding. I can answer some of your questions as follows:
      1. TDA-is my broker. I can not recommend a broker for you. I can say Robinhood is not optimal.
      2. I trade UVXY, VXX and TVIX.

        • Hi Seth,

          Thank you for your getting back to me! I tried subscribing, but it is not possible by using a Canadian credit card.

          I look forward to your response.

          Best regards,

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