• From Tony Dwyer in Marketwatch article

    Dwyer, who on March 16 “suspended’ his 3,440 target for the S&P 500 on Monday set a 12-to-18-month target for the large-cap index at 3,000 — around 2.4% above its level from Monday’s close. That reflects his forecast for 2021 earnings per share of $150 and a price-to-earnings ratio of 20.

  • I really enjoy the informative and data driven reports you guys give.
    Thank you

  • Just thinking Even with Fed injections we have not even begun to see the long term economic fallout from this lockdown. Failed small businesses, personal bankruptcies, mortgage defaults, etc. I don’t see this as a big recovery at this point.
    It’s looking more like corporate welfare every day. Not something middle or lower income America is happy about.

    • It won’t be an easy road back, but it never is and in the moment it will seem like forever. But 2-3 years from now it will appear as a blip on the economy and markets, it always ends up playing out that way, regardless of the causation and steepness of the fall.

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