• Seth Golden posted an update 2 years, 5 months ago

    Covered the VXX $27.80 here at $27.40 for a nice scalp on the day. Core unaffected other than some drawdown on the day.

    • Why are these moves not being posted in “trade alerts?” Following the forum in real time is unrealistic.

      Also, why no add to the core on a rare move up 10%+ on UVXY/TVIX, what is the target to add more to the core?

      • The post has been there over an hour and not a forum post but an activity post so it would be front and center on the site. . To post it to trade alerts for a scalp is not practical, unfortunately by the time a trade alert is written and sent the pricing is gone. Always welcome to privately message me for more personal alerts and thoughts on what I’m looking to day day 2 day. I wouldn’t be building my core here as I don’t see term structure strengthening in favor of decay right now. Up 10% could turn into up 20% or not. But looking at VIX futures and term structure, just doesn’t look like the right play. A scalp seems less risky for now. In and out intraday win, lose or draw.

    • Days like this must be tough on the core position…. but I imagine that your scalp trade will soften the blow. Besides, I’m sure any core short position will heal nicely in time….

      • Weeks like this are tough when UVXY is up 15% while the spy is up 1.5% . Nasdaq 2% … gotta keep the long game in mind I guess =/

        • Very unkind week and very anomalistic given the SPY surge as @red_penguin said. Short term pain for long-term gain, much agreed!

          • Its so terrible to watch VXX this week… It looks like the year has so many headwinds for volatility trading ig this continues. If VXX rises when market as well rises, then we have the dangers of bond market…and already very hot market is lookimg for a breather and may increAse volatility. Hope i am all wrong…i almost felt like i was better off shorting SPXU than VXX.. Thanks for all the forum and helpful chats.

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