• Seth Golden and Profile picture of retiresoon9retiresoon9 are now friends 5 days, 16 hours ago

    • Hi Seth, followed you from X.com .. I don’t see any content as a member paying $18.99/mo. Am I missing something?
      • Yes, all of this content can be viewed by simply clicking the Research & Reports tab atop the home page or Recent Research tab down the left side of the home page
          • The last report is dated 3/8/2021. Where are the latest weekly reports?
              • Our platform has direct message capability if you go to your profile page and explore. It’s really simple, please follow the directions I offered i.e. on the home page, if you simply scroll down to RECENT RESEARCH REPORTS header, you will see all the recent reports. Secondly, you should have also received an email to the video report this morning. If you are having difficulty please email me directly.

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