• Current expectations for Friday’s Q3 GDP and consumer sentiment
  • Shorted small lot $27.80, looking for simple scalp. Not core addition

    • I did the short the box thing. But with call spreads. Then bought Calls to hedge but with lower price. Been letting the long calls go 1 by 1 every little bit it goes up. First time doing it and I like it. It’s probably safer to do it this way.

      • Not sure it’s safer if you hold it overnight. But nice job! I just covered that scalp per my update! Good action even with a drawdown day to keep the portfolio with realized gains!

      • I’ve been covering my shorts in relative short periods (hard for me to hold a long term core), I consider the LOB strategy very similar, except it takes more MR, and you still need to time it at perfection, or you will see the profits diluting on one side or the other.
        For me, just the fact that I need to think when to add or reduce my long is a…[Read more]

        • I would agree with your comments Guillermo. We have a different operation as I manage a portfolio, demanding of me profits and to the extent I can actively manage strategies I’m obligated. But for individuals I certainly wouldn’t recommend the LOB, very difficult and needs precision timing.

    • I say safer cause it’s money I am willing to lose. Never intended to profit. Like my safety net. It’s still cost significantly less than the short. But now it’s more profit letting it go on a spike I did not expect.

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