Seth Golden is a grizzled 17-year veteran of the Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail industries. He has worked for some of the largest retailers in N. America including Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.  His in-depth knowledge of the retail industry and the consumer has been heralded in the media and served as a key warning to investors in 2016. His concerns were highlighted by Alan Valdes director of floor operations at Silver bear and in a Yahoo Finance article. Seth has been an independent trader and economist since 2000, gradually improving his trading strategies and understandings of the global economy. In 2012, Seth grew his equity market participation and basis of knowledge with careful studies and participation in the VIX complex.  He is most widely known for coining the thesis “desensitization of volatility”.  Seth has written and published over 500 articles since 2012. In 2017, the New York Times chronicled the short-VOL trade and his popular participation as a well recognized short-VOL trader with strong annual returns.

“I’m just a guy who has proven terribly decent at what he does and hopes to bring information and education to those willing to listen and participate. While I’d like to think I’m exceptional, my wife assures me I’m just an exceptional pain in the…!” 

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