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    MORGAN STANLEY: “.. low expectations for Sept. quarter suggesting a positive setup into earnings. We see multiple catalysts beyond earnings that make Apple a top pick into year end. Remain OW with updated $247 PT (from $231).” (Huberty)

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    Mislav arguing eloquently for why stocks will sail through Q2 earnings….

    1) The hurdle rate is down, similar to the dynamics of past quarters. For Q2, S&P500 EPS growth projections have come down from +5% at the start of the year to -2% currently. Eurozone has seen the reduction in 2019 EPS growth projections from +9.2% in January to 3.5%…[Read more]

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    “Fed in a Box” Another great report! Thank you. Fundamentally I would agree that we see a higher market in the medium term future. For now, I’m happy that I’m out as of the 16th and 17th on the retirement accounts. We will see what earnings this quarter will bring. I’ll consider getting back in lower or with some sideways chop, I will go long…[Read more]

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