1. RonTurkey 7 years ago

    good to see you have the coin world included on here. I know, i know, super speculative. Lots of scams.. But you can make a lot of quick coin in a scam as long as you get in early enough and have an exit strategy.

    • David Moadel 7 years ago

      I totally agree. I’m involved in cryptos and am willing to take on the risks involved

      • RonTurkey 7 years ago

        hey @david-moadel i’m curious to know what your holdings consist of, and your overall strategy. Are you heavier on certain coins that others, and why? Are you actively trading, or sticking with a buy&hold strategy?

    • Seth Golden 7 years ago

      Very true Ron, it is not for me but I don’t begrudge others the opportunity to share and make money in the crypto space

  2. RonTurkey 7 years ago

    I recently had some friends/family ask about investing in cryptocurrency. I prefaced with a “don’t put in anything that you can’t afford to lose.” Essentially, here was my allocation. 20% bitcoin, 20% ether, 15% litecoin, 15% ripple, 4% bitcoin cash, 3% bitcoin gold, 3% ethereum classic, 5% Miota, 5% stellar lumens, and 10% miscellaneous. I would like to add Cardano, Monero into that list. At this point in time, the king coins seem to be the safer bets, but the alts can result in several thousand % gains if you are willing to ride it out. If you notice today, most coins are RED. Looks like money is flowing back into the KING COINS as they are poised for their next move up. Once the KING COINS consolidate again, expect the alts to once again take off. The traders in coin world are looking for immediate overnight gains and this results in an immature market where maybe technical analysis can be utilized to turn profits. I wish i had more time to dig into the coin world, but my strategy, in general, consists of a buy and hold long term. I estimate that 90% of the coins in the list above will fail within 5 years, if not sooner. If i’m able to withdraw my initial investment in a particular coin, i will do, and let the profits run. This has worked incredibly well for me, but luck and timing may have played the biggest role.. 🙂

  3. scottzman 7 years ago

    can someone recommend a good platform to get please for the cryto market..tks

    • Seth Golden 7 years ago

      Scott, I don’t particpate in the crypto complex, but Ron Turkey does, might be a good idea to reach out to him?

    • RonTurkey 7 years ago

      Hey @scottzman , Coinbase is usually the first stop for most crypto newbs.. It really boils down to what coin you want to purchase. The exchange you need to sign up on is dictated by the coins that you want to purchase. For example, Coinbase only has Bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, and litecoin. If you want others, you will need to use a different exchange. Unfortunately, it will be difficult for you to get into some of these exchanges as both Bittrex and Binance (one stop shops) have paused new user sign-ups. In general, crypto exchanges have become overwhelmed by new sign ups, so don’t expect to have instant access into the coin world.

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