• Regarding the State of the Markets video (SOTM) 5/16/19 (today) You will not find someone who can hit it out of the ballpark better than Seth. He is spot on with his reporting of China’s joint ventures with other nearby countries. I experienced this firsthand as a cargo 747 Captain flying into China’s neighboring countries several years ago. I als…[Read more]

  • Friday Oct 26th, when you come across an A+ setup, try to go in strong. Here is a screenshot of my other non-vol trades. Been busy so I have not posted lately. Have a great weekend!
  • JamesBradley posted an update 7 months ago

    Tuesday Oct 16th, as per FINOM premium: it pays to watch the vol products decay. So I focused on some other normal daytrades, I’m just too lazy to post all the time especially with my other job. Profit today in STZ $381 see the posted screenshot for the setup and target. Profit in SEND (short) $417 and UNH (long) $270. Thanks to Seth as always,…

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  • Monday Oct 15th, got a quick micro scalp in today: profited $360 on VIXY. Screenshot attached for your perusal. Wish everyone all the best,
  • Wed Oct 10th, got some good scalps in today: profited $577 on VIXY. Profited $226 on UVXY. Increased the core hold on TVIX locates. Other daytrades not posted: $784 AMAT, $653 ASML, $389 CAG, $275 AAPL, -$51 IDT, -$121 TQQQ. Maybe I’ll start posting my other daytrades as well. Mostly I focus my energy on short vol with Finom. Thanks for taking t…

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  • Thurs Oct 4th: Nice volatile day for scalping and adding to core: sold short UVXY at $40.39 and covered at $39.86. Not bad, 53 cent profit… Please see the attached. All the best….
  • JamesBradley posted a new activity comment 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Thank you Boss 😎👍

  • 9/27 follow up tweet from FinomGrp Premium from Yesterday 9/26: covered today at $26.68. (note: I sold short another lot yesterday in after hours at 27.23). please see my screenshots. All the best…
  • As per FinomGrp Premium Tweet on 9/26 at 14:48, I followed with a VXX short sell at $26.85. I have a screenshot for your perusal. All the best….
  • Tuesday September 4th: Greetings to all. In alignment with the recent volatility, tvix has been a good trading vehicle. I, um, “got lucky” with top ticking tvix today. (approx 9:50am) Covered lower 😎 Nice profit. Please see my attached orders. Have a good day.
  • JamesBradley posted a new activity comment 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Thanks Boss 😃

  • Wednesday Aug 15th: Good day to all. I sold short two lots. 7000 shares total. 3500 at $41.75 and 3500 at $41.55. Covered most at $41.31 and $40.88. See my screenshot provided. All the best!!😎
  • Tuesday Aug 7: Lightened up on some of my stock longs on the gap up. Reduced my short vol holdings in the first 15minutes of the market open for a nice gain.

  • JamesBradley posted a new activity comment 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    As per your kind guidance, I have covered at $29.85, a few hundred shares for a profit on VXX.

  • Monday, Aug 6th: Added a few hundred short today on VXX at $30.07 and 30.06 Currently not trading but holding core lot short on TVIX and VXX.

    • I’ve reduced some core holding as dispersion is nearing critical level. Still have core holding, but I’m not adding any more back to the core given current levels of all major metric correlations being relatively low presently. Will have a nice research piece out tomorrow discussing aspects of dispersion to share.

    • As per your kind guidance, I have covered at $29.85, a few hundred shares for a profit on VXX.

  • JamesBradley posted an update 10 months ago

    As per premium service notification last week I sold short 200 shares of TVIX at $37.92 since I found some to borrow. I covered a little after the open today at $35.59 😀 Tuesday July 24th.

  • Hello All! Several traders have had questions/concerns about brokerages that have availability of certain vol products namely tvix. As of 8:30am Eastern time on Monday July 16th Fidelity had over 50,000 shares available to short. Now with that being said, is that a contrary indicator? 😂🤣 (possibly, joking of course) (along with the Monday morning…[Read more]

  • Thursday, July 12th. I missed the earlier entry but I executed VXX short at $32.28. I covered near the close of the market at $31.92. Thankful. Can’t complain about another winner. Love hitting those single base hits. They all add up…..😎
  • Wednesday, July 11th. Great guidance from FinomGroupPremium, thanks Seth! Anyone who wants to book daily/weekly profits should consider this service. Today in Pre-Market I bought two lots of 250 each at $33.05 and $33.02. I covered all 500 at 32.50 at 10:24am.
  • JamesBradley posted a new activity comment 10 months, 1 week ago

    Hi and thanks for your question. I highly recommend asking our guru/mentor Seth. I have several accounts and honestly I have gone months without getting any shares of tvix from any brokerage. Some say you can use options and get assigned but I’m not that smart, haha lol. I have Fidelity/TDA/IB.

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