• JamesBradley posted a new activity comment 7 months, 4 weeks ago

    covered for a profit
    • dipping my toe in? (vxx short)
    • I don’t think there will be a panic, however be aware selling begets selling.

    • JamesBradley posted an update 8 months ago

      For traders: it is prudent to be cautious. Selling begets selling. (I’m just referring to short term mostly). Healthy selloff! Allows one to get back in at lower levels. I’ll allow it to consolidate and then re-enter. Been out of SPXL in the retirement accounts since Jul16th/Jul17th. See past posts. Best wishes to all.

    • “Fed in a Box” Another great report! Thank you. Fundamentally I would agree that we see a higher market in the medium term future. For now, I’m happy that I’m out as of the 16th and 17th on the retirement accounts. We will see what earnings this quarter will bring. I’ll consider getting back in lower or with some sideways chop, I will go long…[Read more]

    • Watching futures and overseas markets. Happy that my 3X bull etfs, still intact: EDC,EURL,YINN.

    • Recently, an excellent output of reports from Finom Group! Thank you.
      With that being said, I sold most of my retirement fund yesterday (July 16th) and the remainder today(July 17th).
      I was in SPXL and had been in it for a long time. I may be wrong, maybe just a pullback, we will see, easy to get back in.

    • Regarding the State of the Markets video (SOTM) 5/16/19 (today) You will not find someone who can hit it out of the ballpark better than Seth. He is spot on with his reporting of China’s joint ventures with other nearby countries. I experienced this firsthand as a cargo 747 Captain flying into China’s neighboring countries several years ago. I als…[Read more]

    • Friday Oct 26th, when you come across an A+ setup, try to go in strong. Here is a screenshot of my other non-vol trades. Been busy so I have not posted lately. Have a great weekend!
    • Tuesday Oct 16th, as per FINOM premium: it pays to watch the vol products decay. So I focused on some other normal daytrades, I’m just too lazy to post all the time especially with my other job. Profit today in STZ $381 see the posted screenshot for the setup and target. Profit in SEND (short) $417 and UNH (long) $270. Thanks to Seth as always,…

      [Read more]

    • Monday Oct 15th, got a quick micro scalp in today: profited $360 on VIXY. Screenshot attached for your perusal. Wish everyone all the best,
    • Wed Oct 10th, got some good scalps in today: profited $577 on VIXY. Profited $226 on UVXY. Increased the core hold on TVIX locates. Other daytrades not posted: $784 AMAT, $653 ASML, $389 CAG, $275 AAPL, -$51 IDT, -$121 TQQQ. Maybe I’ll start posting my other daytrades as well. Mostly I focus my energy on short vol with Finom. Thanks for taking t…

      [Read more]

    • Thurs Oct 4th: Nice volatile day for scalping and adding to core: sold short UVXY at $40.39 and covered at $39.86. Not bad, 53 cent profit… Please see the attached. All the best….
    • JamesBradley posted a new activity comment 1 year, 6 months ago

      Thank you Boss 😎👍

    • 9/27 follow up tweet from FinomGrp Premium from Yesterday 9/26: covered today at $26.68. (note: I sold short another lot yesterday in after hours at 27.23). please see my screenshots. All the best…
    • As per FinomGrp Premium Tweet on 9/26 at 14:48, I followed with a VXX short sell at $26.85. I have a screenshot for your perusal. All the best….
    • Tuesday September 4th: Greetings to all. In alignment with the recent volatility, tvix has been a good trading vehicle. I, um, “got lucky” with top ticking tvix today. (approx 9:50am) Covered lower 😎 Nice profit. Please see my attached orders. Have a good day.
    • JamesBradley posted a new activity comment 1 year, 6 months ago

      Thanks Boss 😃

    • Wednesday Aug 15th: Good day to all. I sold short two lots. 7000 shares total. 3500 at $41.75 and 3500 at $41.55. Covered most at $41.31 and $40.88. See my screenshot provided. All the best!!😎
    • Tuesday Aug 7: Lightened up on some of my stock longs on the gap up. Reduced my short vol holdings in the first 15minutes of the market open for a nice gain.

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