1. RonTurkey 6 years ago

    Good video. I think this is the type of stuff your audience NEEDS to see on days like yesterday when the scary word called backwardation comes into play. Takes a strong stomach but hammering into your head that short term pain is worth the future gain. @seth-golden @david-moadel

    • David Moadel 6 years ago

      I won’t lie — I felt anxiety a couple of days ago, when the VIX went up over 20%. This is therapy for me! LOL

    • Author
      Seth Golden 6 years ago

      Thank you Ron and David! Hopefully those who view take some solace in knowing that they aren’t alone in the trade and experience can guide through rough waters.

  2. JamesBradley 6 years ago

    I appreciate the video especially when most of us newbies to the vol complex have not seen it react in different regimes.
    I acknowledge the fact that this is a different animal.
    What does the comments regarding “are ya’ angry bro” mean. Does it have anything to do with the vol club bro-ship?

    I added more right before the close at the bell.

    Thank you for all of your insights, respectfully, (@seth-golden @david-moadel)

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