Welcome to Finom Group’s technical market recap! In this weekend’s release, we run through Friday’s market activity with great commentary and analysis from our very own Wayne Nelson.  Please click on the link to review the video, which is 38 minutes in duration.


If you are new to finomgroup.com, please feel free to subscribe and take advantage of our Premium member trade alerts program.  Below is a screenshot of our YTD completed trade alerts delivered in real-time to our subscribers via our private Twitter feed.

Also, with your paid subscription to finomgroup.com, you be able to review our weekly Research Report, published every Sunday morning. Within our weekly Research Report we discuss all things market related/correlated including, SPX earnings estimates and trends, weekly economic data and analysis of the data, statistical index achievements juxtaposed with historical context that lend to forecasting probabilities for the market ahead and geopolitical issues affecting markets… and more. In this week’s Research Report we took a deeper look at some of the issues that have been underlying the market’s rally year-to-date. Below is just one of the 3 main factors we delve into within this week’s Research Report.

So enjoy our latest technical market recap and join us throughout the week as we analyze, disseminate and trade what the market is bearing.

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  1. Ivo Roperto 5 years ago

    Great session. The bears are scare.

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